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St. Matthew's R.E. Church
Havertown, PA

Worship in Historical Anglican Tradition

"Our prayer is that God will fill our sanctuary with those who love to worship & serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

Established in 1873, the Reformed Episcopal Church has been a faithful Anglican witness for nearly 150 years. Our core values include remaining faithful to the Word of God, proclaiming the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ, and worshipping using the biblical and time-honored Book of Common Prayer. A founding member of the Anglican Church of North America, we have a passion to reach others with the transforming love of God, as manifest in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

Holy Communion is the first Sunday of the month
Fellowship Sunday is the second Sunday of the month


We are committed to the Bible as the Word of God, containing all things necessary to salvation.  Our services are permeated with readings from the Scriptures, songs based on Scriptural texts or themes, and actions and prayers that have their grounding in the Scriptures. 

The Reformed Episcopal church is made up of traditional Anglican liturgical parishes, believing that the historic Book of Common Prayer (traditional & modern(1662/1928) sets forth a good and godly pattern both for our worship and for our formation as Christians. 
See the 
REC Lectionary.


You will notice that our services are full of prayer.  Sometimes these prayers are offered to God silently, at other times they are spoken corporately (the congregation praying in unison), and sometimes the clergy prays alone on behalf of the congregation. 



Music is an important part of our worship services.  The Reformed Episcopal Church desires for our music to be reverent, God-centered, liturgically appropriate (fitting in with where we are in the liturgical year ), and theologically orthodox in content.  

Whether we are hearing God’s Word read & preached upon, receiving the Sacrament, praying, or lifting our voices in song it is our desire that our focus would be upon God the Father Almighty whom we worship through the Son and in the power of the Holy Ghost. 


We are a church that highly values the Sacraments, especially Holy Communion and Baptism. Sacraments are “sure witnesses, and effectual signs of grace and God’s good will towards us by which … he strengthens and confirms our Faith in him.”

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