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Sunday school:

     Sunday School classes follow worship, from 11:30am to 12:30pm (except July and August)

     – Nursery (aged 1-3) as needed

     – Junior (aged 4-6)

     – Primary (aged 7-10)

     – Pre-teen (aged 11-14) – sometimes a confirmation class

     – Adult:

     The Adult Class is currently watching and discussing a DVD video series on Hebrew Culture and Philosophy by Dr George Grant of Kings Meadow Study Center.

    Before the pandemic the class was watching and discussing a DVD video series on early Mid-Eastern cultures and Philosophies by Dr. Grant.

     In the spring of 2018 the class studied The Bible In 90 Days.

     In 2017 the class studied Genesis and Creation with a DVD video series by Answers in Genesis.

If you are interested in joining or assisting contact Rev. Rod.

Bible Studies:

     Bible study groups are active online and in different member's homes.  Contact Rev. Justin for a description and assistance finding one near you.  

Fun Nite kids group:

FunNite is a monthly gathering of kids from 5-12 at the church on Friday night.  Contact Rev. Justin.

Young Adults group:

Young Adults Group is a monthly gathering of older teens.  Contact Rev. Justin.

Women's Book & Tea club:

The Womens Book Tea is a monthly gathering to discuss a book.  Contact Rev. Justin's wife Tonya.
Whosoever Gospel Mission:

When permitted, we try to send a group to assist Whosoever Gospel Mission in Philadlephia.

St. Matthew's Day Care:

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